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What We Are

Firozger Elevator Industries is one of the leading Indian manufacturing company of elevators & escalators in the south Gujarat market today. But what set the company apart from others is the quality and high precision products and the prompt after-service to customers without any delay. We have varied and rich experience in this field for more than two decades. Having acquired adequate experience in this field, we have spent many years establishing a great reputation in providing excellent lift installations as well as proper and timely maintenance service for existing installations. The duo has come up with the latest technical procedures and practices. The company has an assortment of solutions to offer to the customers. It gives the customers best of all services along with cost effective, economical and affordable price range. Firozger employees and experts are always engaged in continual innovation and quality improvement in all processes and products. The Company boasts of their 24 X 7 service available with a team of experts, technicians, and professionals to cater to the customers’ demands.


Our vision is to be a leading example in our industry and the partner of choice for anyone needing to install, maintain or modernize elevator, escalator, moving walk, or any form of transit management system for building. To create new system and solution to make the world’s building and cities safer, more efficient, more sustainable, more comfortable every day, and to be Your First Choice. We will inspire our customer’s total confidence through exceptional service that earns us 100 % of their business, 100 % of the time.

“Our Vision to provide freedom to connect and thrive in a taller, faster, smarter world”


To achieve the highest level of quality with a great degree of efficiency in safety, comfort and to exceed customer expectation, to be one among the global leaders. As our slogan is Choose the right partner to rise high we want to accomplish higher-value projects and walk higher with clients.

“Our Mission for world-class, customer-centric, service-oriented company”


Firozger Elevator Industries has always believed that the one irrefutable argument in favour of a company or brand is: Quality. It eventually wins over everything.


In pursuit of this belief, the company has in place a vast regimen of Total Quality Management Initiatives, which includes the following paradigms and practices:

  • Sourcing / supplying only products that meet global standards of performance, quality & reliability.
  • Maintaining an efficient and specific Total Quality Management Programme, and ensuring employee adherence to it.
  • Keeping in focus the client’s product & quality requirements at all times of design & manufacture.
  • Keeping a constant watch on product quality at each levels of manufacture, through experienced engineers and computer-aided machineries.
  • Always meeting, and whenever possible, exceeding, prescribed / applicable standards.

Our promise

We promise that our product, our service, and our action will at all times be worthy of the description: Professional, Trusted, and Smart. These three words sum up our commitment to adding value to our customers’ buildings and businesses through reliability, intelligence and innovation.