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When you need to move a lot of people in a little time – economically, comfortably and reliably you need a traction elevator. Ideal for high and medium – rise buildings. Traction elevator delivers smooth, quick acceleration, energy efficiency and attractive cost for high – rise buildings. Especially, these lifts impress with their versatility, power and speed. A superior combination of flexibility and performance. To create the highest quality traction elevators, our designers and engineers put their technological creativity to its full potential. Our traction elevators combine the latest digital technology with world – renowned construction to achieve a new level of precision, energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

Machine Room Less (MRL) lifts are traction elevators that feature a compact motor drive mounted on the car itself. They don’t require to build a separate elevator machine room. Most of machine room less elevators are used for low to mid rise buildings. Machine room less elevators in mid-rise buildings usually serves up to 20 floors, also depends load capacity of car. MRL lifts allow you architectural flexibility, but they also provide fast, powerful and energy – efficient transportation. Though traction lifts were originally limited to high-rise, the innovative MRL design has allowed engineers to adapt traction elevators for low – rise buildings and multi – story homes.

Today due to modernization though we have gone nuclear we also have a lot of multistoried homes Multiple families living on different floor, yes there are stairs however it becomes very laborious to climb up and down the stairs each & every time and thus it is a brilliant idea to have a home elevator Installed. Until recently, home elevators had for a long time been considered an extreme luxury or something most people considered a medical necessity. However, this has drastically changed with the dropping cost of the equipment and installation and changes in people’s lifestyle and tastes today. This has seen many homeowners in India opting to install home elevators for an assortment of reasons.

Glass capsule elevators give an upscale, attractive feel to offices, shopping malls, multiplexes and other prestigious buildings. These lifts owe their stunning looks to the large glass viewing panels which provide entertaining ride to passengers. Capsule elevators work just as well as small personal lifts for private homes as they do in large office and commercial buildings. Installation on the exterior face of the building or in the lobby will totally change the look of a building. And of course, they incorporate state-of-the-art technology.

Hospital Lifts for easy transportation of bulky equipment as well as patients. Hospital Lifts are best to carry gurneys, stretchers as well as wheel chairs. Hospital Lifts are usually provided with Centre opening Telescopic Power Operated Doors for easy to use.
Specifically designed for hospital applications, these products are an efficient carrying of heavy hospital beds and stretchers. These products are widely admired for sturdy construction, excellent resistance to corrosion & wearing and hassle free maintenance. Hospital Lift is designed by the various specifications given by the clients

Greater accuracy of levelling, adequate speeds and capacity, are advantages of choosing a goods lift with Firozger Elevator. Goods lifts are for easy transportation of bulky equipment. Goods elevators are known for their high speed and smooth operations. Designed as per the set industry standards. We offer wide range of Goods Elevators for various kinds of applications with a capacity ranging from 500 Kg to 5000 Kg. The location of lifts in factories, warehouses and similar buildings should be planned to suit the progressive movement of goods throughout the buildings, regard to the nature of position of the loading platforms, railway sidings, etc.

Car elevators help to alleviate the problems of finding sufficient parking space in busy areas, and save on costly land in commercial spaces. These lifts smoothly transport vehicles to the tops of buildings, or to basements and showrooms. Automobile Elevator New Level of Parking Freedom They are carefully engineered for independent access of vehicles in private homes or multifamily residences where space is valuable.

This system features a pallet that is lifted up after the car is loaded. Thus additional parking can be made available in the space below the loaded pallet. Both indoor and outdoor Installations are possible, Installation can be done on simply flat area with no additional architectural work. These systems are hydraulically operated. Preferably these systems are valet parking systems.

An escalator is a moving staircase that carries people between floors of a building or structure. It consists of a motor-driven chain of individually linked steps on a track that cycles on a pair of tracks that keep them horizontal.
Escalators are often used around the world in places where lifts would be impractical, or they can be used in conjunction with them. Principal areas of usage include department stores, shopping malls, airports, transit systems (railway/railroad stations), convention centres, hotels, arenas, stadiums, and public buildings.
Escalators have the capacity to move large numbers of people. They can be placed in the same physical space as a staircase. They have no waiting interval (except during very heavy traffic). They can be used to guide people toward main exits or special exhibits. They may be weatherproofed for outdoor use.